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Cancellation Policy:

Deposits & Payment for 1/2 & Full Day Tours, Day Rentals:

o    A 30 % deposit is necessary to hold your spot on the tour/rental upon
registration. Billing in full will occur the day of the tour/rental.

o    Cancellations 7 days in advance there will be no charge (your 30% is refunded)

o    Cancellations less than 7 days before the tour/rental will be your 30% deposit

o    If tour is canceled within the 72 hours you are required to pay in full
the amount of your tour.

o    There will be a full refund of your deposit for tours cancelled by your guide due to weather conditions or other safety concerns.

o    We accept MasterCard, Visa, Travellers Cheques.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I wear?  Synthetic style clothing is, closed toed shoes, shoes that can get wet for the kayaking activities, sun protection, an extra layer in case the day turns cool, rain jackets, backpacks.  Blue jeans are a bad idea on all our tours.
  • Are supplies available locally?  Yes, there are great local grocery stores and shops
  • Where should I stay in the area?  There is a great local website with a full list of options, we love all the options, the Markland Coastal Beach Cottages, the Channel Breeze B&B, and our airbnb cottage 'Cottage by the Sea in Cape North' top our list
  • How young a child can go kayaking?  With our stable doubles no age is too young for a rental.  Parents can team up to paddle young children around and we have a great selection of lifejackets for young paddlers.  For the tours; kayaking-ages 10 and up; cycling 12 and up (at the very youngest, must be very comfortable riding on road in traffic, cycling is dangerous!)
  • Can someone with mobility issues or broken arms go paddling?  Yes, in our stable double kayaks, with a strong paddler in the back
  • I have a small dog, can fluffy go out on a canoe rental?  Yes, your smallish dog is very welcome to paddle with you
  • I have a large dog, can fluffy go kayaking or canoeing?  Not really.  $20 extra per dog.  If you dog has not been in a canoe before it is not really a good idea.  You should like swimming and not have small children who will be frightened by capsize.
  • Can my dog or cat come on your tours?  We love pets, but your dog or cat cannot come on our tours.  It's not fair to other clients, wildlife and the dog (they find oyster talk boring).  Please do not be upset.
  • Can my dog stay behind tied to a tree at your place or in my car?  No.  We do not like pets left in your cars, and your pets do not like to be tied to our trees.  Our neighbour also makes her living selling eggs and organic veggies, and we would not want any chicken related fatalities.
  • My dog is half wolf and 150lbs and bites, can he go kayaking?  Sigh.....while we do like watching you swim.  No.
  • Is the cycling on road?  Yes, the riding up here is on road.  If you have your own bikes the park allows cycling on three trails, but they are not easy rides
  • Is the Cabot Trail a road? Yes, it is a paved highway
  • Is there traffic on the Cabot Trail? Yes, there is traffic.  There are trucks and Rvs and cars.  The traffic is two way.  The traffic is in both directions. The shoulders are narrow and bad.  There is always construction.
  • I have my own bikes, will you shuttle my luggage for me around the Cabot Trail? No we do not offer that service.  We suggest packing light.  You do not need so much gear.  Pack Light!
  • I have my own bikes, will you shuttle me one way?  No we are not insured to transport your bikes, we do not offer that service.
  • Do you offer bike repair?  We try and stock supplies to get you back on the road, but there are larger bike shops in Sydney and Cheticamp with more parts than we have.  We also do not have a full time mechanic and can only help when someone is available.  Please do not be upset if we are not available on demand.
  • Can young children rent bikes?  No, the riding around here is mostly on road, and the shoulders can be rough.  Kayaking and hiking offers a safer day
  • What can the non adventurers in my group do while I am biking/kayaking/hiking?  There are two great small local museums (North Highlands Community Museum and the St Paul Island Community Museum), plus lovely gift shops (like Arts North, T&R Craft, the Cranberry Patch and Country Crafts) and several local restaurants/cafes (Angies, Daneenas, Jessie Mikes, the Chowder House, Hideaway Oyster Market) plus local beaches to lie on.    

Contact Information

Cabot Trail Adventures

Phone: 1-902-383-2552


Text 1-902-285-0340 after hours

Hours of Operation

Open Seasonally

9am-6pm Main Season

By Appointment or by chance in the off season

June 1st-July 15th

Tour starts at 10am

Rentals by appointment or by chance


July 15th-August 31st

Tours at 10am and 2pm for Sea kayaking

Tours at 9am for hiking or cycling

Rentals 8am-6pm

Open Seven Days a Week

Sept 1st-Sept 15th

Tours start at 9 or 10am

Rentals by appointment or by chance


Oct 1st-31st

Tours by appointment 

Rentals closed

Weather permitting (generally windy and cool in Oct)


299 Shore Rd, South Harbour

Cape Breton Nova Scotia

B0C 1G0